Since 2010 the Materials Factory has successfully developed the following innovations and/or is involved in the following R&D projects:

We are proud to be part of these innovations

  • Plastic replacement of lead slabs for building applications. This product/technology was sold to Bitufa bv and commercially launched in 2017 under brand name Leadax.
  • Process to produce high concentrated polymer additives in co-operation with Pycnoplast. This technology was sold to Qolortech bv in 2018.
  • Unidirectional glass reinforced tapes. This product/technology was licensed to Robusta tapes bv and commercially launched in 2019.
  • Recycling of print cardridges. This technology was developed for Toshiba and launched medio 2019.
  • Latex free precoat film for carpets (Dutch extensive version).